There is nothing that concerns me more than online privacy. I've built this website using open-source tools, and the code itself is available for anyone to check, improve, learn.


The website only uses safety cookies when submitting a form. They are called CSRF Tokens and prevent attackers from submitting forms on behalf of other users. Besides that, the website is cookie-free.


I do like the vanity of knowing how many people visit my website and what articles do they read. To avoid relying on external tools, I've built my own analytics software, called Privalytics. It does not store any personally identifyable information, it only stores the page visits and how people arrived to the website.


I am hosting a newsletter, that is also privacy-centered. I do not track opens. This means that there is no hidden pixel nor any other stratagem to know when you use your e-mail, if the subject of my messages is catchy or not. The act of opening an e-mail and reading it is an intimate moment that should be respected.

Social Networks

The only two social networks where you can find me are Twitter and LinkedIN. Most of what I do, I do it open source on Github.