Online privacy is a big concern, and webmasters should have tools to ensure the privacy of their visitors. That is why privalitycs was born..

Every time you visit a website, there is a chance that the webmaster decided to send all your data to Google, Facebook, or any other data-tracking companies online. This works because in return they offer webmasters some analytics tools to see how many people visit their website, where do they come from, etc. I wanted to stop that circle by giving webmasters the possibility of having clear and simple analytics without violating their users privacy.

Privalytics was born at the beginning of 2019. Its codebase is freely available on Github. Initially, the plan was to setup an open company, in which the entire decision flow was public. Even though this idea was not abandoned, Privalytics was put on hold for a while, until other projects come to a more mature state and I have time to catch back.

I have been using Privalytics on all my websites with enough success. It could be better, there are many possible optimizations, but to have an idea of where the users come from, what pages they visit the most, it is more than enough. Some features that I am missing include monitoring the time spent on a page, and better statistics for referrals.