Privalytics Screenshot



For a long time, I've been thinking about how much personal data is shared with corporations such as Google and Facebook. And in a lot of cases it goes beyond the use of their services. Webmasters have a big responsibility when it comes to choosing the technologies they employ in what they build. One of the ways in which websites share user data with Google or Facebook is through their analytics software. So I decided to build my own solution. It is called Privalytics.

The back-end is built on Django, and is open source. A simple JavaScript piece of code can be embedded on the websites to track. There is only general information shared with the server, such as screen resolution, and referrer. The IP of the request is transformed to a general location (city resolution), guaranteeing that data is anonymous. There is still a lot that can be improved, especially on how data is being visualized and analyzed. The website is open for the time being, so people can still register, but I am not actively advertising it.

Privalytics is work in progress.